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So, how does the session pricing work?

The way I have the pricing set up, there are two parts: the session fee and the photo collections.  Each type of session has a specific fee, which covers the actual session itself.  This payment we usually take in advance to hold your session date and time for you.  Then there are the photo collections, of which there are several different options available.  You get to choose which collection you want later, after you've seen your gallery and can then get exactly what you want at that time!  

So let's say you book a family session, which is $50.  Then when you view your gallery, let's say you choose the classic photo collection, which is $300.  So your total cost for your family session and photos would be $350 (plus tax on the photo collection).

How many photos will I get from my session?

It depends a little bit on the type of session you're booking!  Family, children, and newborn galleries usually have 60-80 images in them.  Lifestyle sessions usually have a bit more than that, because of all of the additional details we usually capture - usually they have between 100-120.  And mini sessions it's between 25-35 or so.

How long will my session take?

Family sessions are usually about an hour in length.  For children's sessions, we try to keep things a little shorter - like 30-45 minutes.  Newborn sessions are typically between 2 and 3 hours long.  

What should I wear to my session?  

Good question!  I am always happy to help with wardrobe suggestions, so as we plan your session, feel free to send me some photos of outfit options you've got.  I'll be glad to give you my input, and offer any suggestions I might have!  Generally though, I suggest going for coordinating rather than matching.  Think of it as planning one big outfit for your entire family.  Choose a couple of coordinating colours (like navy blue and mustard yellow, or coral pink and minty green), and incorporate them throughout your family's wardrobe.  Try choosing a patterned piece for one person, and pulling colours from there for everyone else.  Try to avoid clashing patterns, large logos, and t-shirts with pictures or sayings on them, as these can take the focus away from your lovely faces!  

Above all though, the most important thing is to choose something that YOU feel beautiful (or handsome)!  That confidence will shine through in your images and help make the pictures from your session ones you'll love years from now.

Should I bring anything to my session?  

Yes!  If you have young children, I always recommend bringing a favourite non-sticky snack (like fish crackers) and water bottle, for those in-between-poses snacks, and to help encourage a wiggly little one to sit if necessary.  Baby wipes are always a good idea, too.  Sometimes, a favourite stuffy or book can help calm a little one, as long as you don't mind that it might appear in a few of your photos! 

If the weather is chilly, please bring warm jackets to pop on between photos, and layer long johns and undershirts beneath your outfits for extra warmth.  

Do I have to find props and outfits for my newborn session?

I have an extensive collection of props, outfits and accessories that I've curated especially for my newborn sessions!  From bowls and buckets, hats and headbands, the cutest little rompers and wraps in every colour, I have everything we'll need to create a gorgeous and totally unique newborn session for you!

That said, if you have a little outfit that you've gotten especially for your session, a family heirloom, or an item that represents something that's special to your family, please bring them along!  I am always happy to include items like these that add a more personal touch to your shoot!

I still have questions!

No problem!  If there's anything else you'd like to know before booking your session, please feel free to contact me with them, and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!  

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