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Introducing the J.sterk Photography Blog!

Me and A, my oldest

Hello! So glad you've dropped by! My name is Jenae - I'm the face behind j.sterk photography, and welcome to my brand-spanking-new blog! Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or whatever!), and let's chat for a few minutes.

So, why a blog?

If you're here, chances are pretty good you're already at least somewhat familiar with my photography work, since I share that often, but thought that starting a blog would also give you - clients, soon-to-be clients, and potential clients - the chance to get to know me a little bit better on a personal level - something a little bit beyond how long I've been a photographer and why I started (all of which you can find on my "About Me" page!). I actually used to do quite a bit of writing - I actually have my B.A. in Communications and Media, was the editor-in-chief of my college student publication, and had originally planned on going into print journalism. So, I'm kind of excited to hone my rusty typing skills, dust off the old thesaurus, and put on my writer's hat again (even if it is just for a small side project like this)!

I'm also excited to use this blog to give you all a little more in-depth look at what goes on during my sessions, and show you more photos from each session than just the one or two sneak peeks I usually share. This way, you'll get a better idea of what you can except from a full session, and see just how much fun we really have together while taking your photo (trust me - it's a blast!). I'll also be sharing some down-to-earth tips and suggestions for when it comes to having your (and your family's) photo taken, to help put your mind at ease about being in front of the camera, and help make it a super fun experience rather than a potential stressor. Lastly, I'll also be letting you know about special session events and offers, what's new around j.sterk photography, and more!

Can I take just another minute and tell you a little bit about myself? Okay, cool (still have a little tea left, right?).

Nap Time Editing

I'm a mom to two busy but totally awesome kids, ages two and four. I'm a wife to one amazingly supportive (and totally hot) husband. I run my business from home, which means working when I can - during naps, evenings (and during the occasional Dinosaur Train episode). My kitchen table doubles as my desk, but I love it - I love a busy (and sometimes messy) kitchen table, because I truly believe that the kitchen table is the heart of the home; a place for friends and cups of coffee, for faint marker stains and subtle gluey stickiness, and where family gathers after a long day being our separate ways.

When it comes to photography, my kids are totally my little muses - I see the way they interact with the world at whatever stage they're at, and because I know how fleeting it is, those are the kinds of images I want to hold on to and hang on my walls. So, those are the kinds of images and strive to capture and create for each of my clients, too. To celebrate life at whatever beautiful (and sometimes sticky) stage they're at.

Thanks so much for reading along with me! I'd love to get to know each of you a little better too - feel free to leave a comment on this post, and let me know who you are, and maybe where you found my page! I'm super excited about this new little venture, and hope you'll follow along with me. :)


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