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Pink & Cream Perfection

Wait, is that a baby girl I spy in front of my camera lens?? Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the baby boys I've photographed the past few months (and it's been ALL boys since about March!!), but I have to say that getting to style and accessorize a baby GIRL at my most recent newborn session was just oh-so-fun!!

I LOVE all of the soft pinks, creams, and vintage-inspired wraps and head bands that Miss A's mama chose from my prop stash for her session! And while Miss A certainly made me work at times for some of those poses, I certainly didn't mind the extra baby snuggles either.

These clients also had an extremely beautiful antique baby carriage that had been her grandfather's, that they asked to be incorporated into the session. I love it when clients want to include props or items that are especially meaningful like this into their photos - what treasured photographs these are going to be for the entire family!

And can I just say how stunning this new little family of three is? Parent poses always end up being some of my favourite photos from each session - that new love just SHINES on their faces, and those little ones really do grow so fast!

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