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Sunny Vibes

Brrrrr....can anyone else believe all of the snow we've gotten in the past few days? I do like the snow - really, I do, but after that warm spell last week, all this snow (not to mention the wind and freezing temperatures) has me yearning for sunnier days.

So, this afternoon, I made myself a tall mug of hot chocolate, curled up in a blanket, and found the sunniest, summeriest session I could find from this past year to blog about. Hopefully it brings a little warmth to your day too!

Early last fall, I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous couple's engagement session - no, not the dogs (though they're pretty adorable as well!)! Matt & Brittany are tying the knot this coming fall, and though as a general rule I don't photograph weddings any more, I am pretty darn excited about photographing this one!

Their engagement was pretty much as perfect as it gets - that gorgeous end-of-summer sun and one of my favourite locations, plus the vintage-chic flair makes this session swoon-worthy in my books!

Here are just a few more of my faves from the session:

Oh, and this amazing pink cruiser with its basket full of flowers (straight from Brittany's garden!) - just added the perfect touch to the session!

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