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Two Foxy Gents

These two handsome little gents were the second set of twins I've had the pleasure of photographing! Mr's A and D were already a month old when I went to do their session (which is on the older side of things in the world of newborn photography), and definitely had their own ideas about how they wanted to pose (or not!), but I love how when this happens, those little personalities just shine through in the photos!

Since D & A's session was a bit of a last-minute booking, and I realized that I had no matching outfits on hand for two boys, and wouldn't be able to order any on time from any of the amazing vendors I usually use for my newborn outfits, I decided to get a little crafty and create my own. I am always a sucker for anything with stripes, so D and A got stripes for their shoot! While I did have to pull out a few stitches along the way, I was pretty proud of how their little outfits turned out (if I do say so myself!), and am happy to add both outfits to my prop stash!

It turned out that D & A's mama is a pretty talented knitter too, so she'd also created a set of beautifully and delicately knit little hats for her boys' session! And at the very end of the shoot, even though Daddy hadn't been able to be there, I did grab a few shots of mama with her two new boys. :)

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