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A Sweet Little Session

Ah, golden hour - that magical time of day in the last hour of daylight before sunset - hands down, my absolute most FAVOURITE time of day to shoot outdoors. The way the light filters in through the leaves, when the sun drenches each photo with warm, honey-yellow light - I can feel that sun on me just LOOKING at a photo taken during the golden hour.

The only downside with the golden hour during the summer is that here in the Hat, it happens so late in the evening, and when there's little ones involved in the session, they're not always so keen on smiling for the camera when they'd rather be tucked up in bed.

Not so with little Miss E though! I met the K family one beautiful, warm evening a few weeks ago for their session, and I think 6 month old Miss E was just as enamoured with the beauty of the evening as I was!

Here are just a few of my personal favourites from their session - enjoy!

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